Our Vision-Mission

As the Turkish Competition Authority, our mission is the establishment, protection and development of a competitive environment. Accordingly, our goals are:

  • To monitor, regulate and supervise markets in order to prevent anti-competitive agreements, abuses of dominant position, and mergers and acquisitions which would significantly decrease competition,
  • To take the necessary measures to spread competition culture and ensure that public decisions are taken and public acts are performed with a competitive mindset.
  • To conduct studies in competition law, economics and politics, developing policies, and contributing to the creation of macroeconomic policies in terms of competition policy.

As the Competition Authority, our vision is to become one of the leading competition authorities in the world and one of the exemplary public institutions of Turkey. To that end,

  • Intellectual initiatives that would shape competition law, economics and politics,  
  • Activities that would increase consumer welfare through the formation and protection of efficient competitive markets,
  • Human resources, administrative style and institutional structure that we have
    constitute important foundations of our vision.