Work Principles

    In carrying out the essential tasks and functions assigned to it in accordance with its institutional goals specified by law, Competition Authority takes certain fundamental values into account and endeavors to reflect these directly into its work and proceedings. 

Impartiality and Objectivity
In all its transactions and decisions, The Authority keeps an equal distance with all its shareholders without distinction and bases its decisions on the concrete conditions of the material facts, and on the evidence and findings collected in its examination

Legality and Foreseeability

The Authority performs its statutory duties within the framework of the legislation in effect, taking care to be consistent in terms of the procedures and principles observed. In accordance with the competition policy and the relevant legislation, the Authority creates a predictable implementation regime that is in line with global developments, free market principles, rational facts and concrete data; with particular regard paid to the best and most competitive market conditions.

Transparency and Accountability

Competition Authority systematically shares its decisions as well as the knowledge and experience accumulated with the public. Professional decisions of the Competition Board are subject to review by the Council of State as the first instance court. Its income and expenditures related to its activities are periodically examined by the agencies established in the legislation.

Fast and Correct Decision-Making

The Authority reviews its decision-making process in order to ensure that the decisions based on the available information and evidence are correct, clear and effective. Competition Authority takes maximum care to the fact that all of its transactions are performed and decisions are taken rapidly and correctly.

Cooperation and Participation

The Authority conducts its activities in active cooperation with the relevant persons and institutions and by taking the opinions of these circles into account in its decision-making processes.

The Principle of Expertise and Qualification

Competition Authority conducts the activities within the area of its powers and responsibilities with competent human resources, based on the principle of expertise and qualification.