Competition Advocacy related to Public Acts and Transactions

        Competition in a market is restricted not only by the behavior of undertakings but also by the state through several regulations and transactions. It is not possible to supervise the state with the classical instruments of competition law whose addressee is undertakings. Especially, this is important for forming and developing markets in a competitive way at liberalization and privatization stages. Competition authorities give opinion about laws and secondary legislation which may have an impact on competition and work for ensuring that policies produce the best results in terms of competition by being actively involved in regulation, deregulation, privatization and investment policies, which is vitally important for the functioning of an effective competition policy.

The role of the Competition Authority in this framework is to secure that competition policy is taken into account in respect of other policies and regulations. Besides, opinions given by the Competition Authority within the frame of competition advocacy are publicly declared, which is significant for transparency and consideration of those opinions by the concerned authorities.