Leniency Applications

Regulation on Active Cooperation for Detecting Cartels (Leniency Regulation) was published in the Official Gazette dated February 15, 2009 and numbered 27142 and entered into force. The Leniency Regulation, which regulates the procedures and principles in terms of non-imposition and reduction of fines with regard to those making an active cooperation with the Competition Authority for detecting and investigating cartels, states that the unit assigned by the Competition Board for the implementation of the Regulation shall be announced on the web site of the Competition Authority. Within the scope of the relevant provision, the Competition Board decided that a unit consisted of Associate Professor Tahir Saraç and Competition Expert Hüseyin COŞGUN shall be assigned. This unit shall carry out the duties specified in the Leniency Regulation and respond to information requests of those wishing to benefit from the Regulation. For getting information or benefiting from the Leniency Regulation, contact information is as follows:

Telephone: +90 312 266 10 31
E-mail: pismanlik@rekabet.gov.tr