Mergers-Acquisitions Overview Report for the Year 2016 Published

In 2016, a total of 209 merger and acquisition transactions were notified to the Competition Authority. In 91 of these transactions, the target company or the joint venture established is a company founded in accordance with Turkish laws. Within this time period, 9 privatization transactions have been evaluated.

Among the mergers and acquisitions examined by the Competition Board in 2016, in those transactions where the target company or the joint venture is based in Turkey, the total transaction amount notified (with the exception of privatizations) was approximately 29 billion 263 million TL. In the same time period, mergers and acquisitions implemented by companies all parties to which were established in accordance with the laws of the Turkish Republic had a total transaction value of 7 billion 392 million TL.

In 2016, foreign investors invested in Turkish companies in 47 different transactions. According to the ranking of foreign investors in terms of transactions, investors based in the Netherlands and Germany are in the first place. In acquisition transactions where Turkish companies were acquired, foreign investors made an investment of approximately 18 billion 891 million TL.

In terms of area of activity, within the group of transactions in which the target company or the joint venture established was based in Turkey, the leading transaction value was in the area of financial intermediary institutions, with 8 billion 188 million TL. In 2016, merger and acquisition transactions notified to the Competition Authority were concluded within an average of 15 days following the date of final notification.

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