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Duties and Powers of the Presidency
  • To ensure the organization and coordination at the highest level that the Competition Board, as the decisive body of the Authority, and the service units work in a harmonized, productive, disciplined and orderly manner, and to solve the problems likely to arise between the service units of the Authority with respect to duties and powers, 
  • To determine the agenda, date and time of the Board meetings, and to administer the meetings, 
  • To ensure the fulfillment of what is required by the Board decisions, and to monitor the implementation of these decisions, 
  • To finalize and submit to the Board suggestions received from the service units, 
  • To prepare and submit to the Board the annual budget, final account of revenues and expenditures, and annual work reports of the Authority, and to ensure the implementation of the budget of the Authority, the collection of revenues and the carrying out of expenditures, 
  • To opine on the decisions to be taken in relation to competition policy as well as on the relevant legislation, 
  • To organize and manage the relations of the Authority with the Ministry and other organizations,
  • To represent the Authority before official and private organizations, 
  • To ensure the publication of the final decisions of the Board, as well as of the communiqués and regulations to be prepared by the Authority, 
  • To determine the scope of duty and power of the member of the staff who is authorized to sign on behalf of the Chairman of the Board.