Selection and Appointment of Board Members

        The structure of the Competition Board as well as the selection and appointment conditions for its members and their terms of service are clearly defined in the Competition Act. 

Competition Board is the decision-making body of the Authority and consists of seven members, including a Chairman and a Deputy Chairman.

The Council of Ministers appoints the members from among the two candidates apiece, to be nominated from inside or outside the following institutions for each vacant membership: three members from the Ministry of Customs and Trade, one member from the Ministry of Development, one member from Turkish Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges, and one member from among the two candidates apiece, to be nominated by the Supreme Court of Appeals and Council of State from inside their own institutions. One of the members from the Ministry of Customs and Trade quota is appointed from among the Authority personnel.

The Council of Ministers appoints the Chairman and the Deputy Chairman from among Board members.

The appointed chairman and members of the Board must have completed at least four years of higher education domestically or abroad in law, economics, engineering, business administration or finance, must have sufficient professional knowledge and experience and must have worked for at lest 10 years in an area related to their profession either in the public or the private sector. The members must also meet the criteria specified in sub-paragraphs 1, 4, 5, 6 and 7, paragraph A of article 48 of the Civil Servants Law no 657.

Terms of office for the Chairman of the Board, Deputy Chairman and Board members are six years. A member may be re-selected after the completion of his/her term of office. One third of the Board members are renewed every two years. During renewal, numbers and ratios specified in the provisions related to the formation of the Board are taken into account. In case the presidency or membership positions become vacant for any reason before the end of the term of office, a new member is selected and appointed to the vacant position within one month. Anyone so appointed serves for the term of office of the person he/she replaces. 

President of the Board or Board members may not be removed from office for any reason before the completion of their terms of office. However, President of the Board or Board members may be relieved of their duties in case they are found, by Board decision, to no longer have the qualifications necessary for appointment or to be in violation of article 25 of this Act, or in case they are found guilty, by court decision, of committing a crime related to the duties entrusted by the Act.