E-Marketplace Sector Inquiry Preliminary Report Workshop" organized with the participation of stakeholders (6.7.2021) (13.7.2021)

The problems that the sector faces and proposals for solution were evaluated in all aspects in the workshop concerning the e-marketplace sector organized by the Competition Authority. 
The workshop, which was held in Bilkent Hotel and Congress Center campus in accordance with the social distance rules, with broad participation, started with the opening speech of the President of the Competition Authority, Birol Küle.
In his speech, Küle pointed out that digitalization stands out as an important topic with its benefits and rapid transformation ability as well as its effects on economic growth and the healthy functioning of the markets, and drew attention to the fact that there may be certain disruptions in the markets shaped by digitalization.
Emphasizing that many of the digital markets constitute an "ecosystem" and this complicates the competitive structure in the relevant markets, “Although bilateral and multilateral markets and platforms are not a new phenomenon, the commodification of human attention, the co-occurrence of data power, economies of scale and scope, and dependence on the ecosystem are reaching unprecedented size.” he said. 
He underlined that they do not see the workshops as merely a procedural value in terms of sharing ideas, adding, "We see such events as a fundamental opportunity that provides learning and experience for each of us, as a critical input to the final rules." 
Küle also pointed out that the rigidity in digital markets, which should be characterized by innovation, has attracted the attention of all authorities, especially in recent years, and stated that the story of two inventors in the garage is becoming a dream more and more. 
Küle noted that especially the last decade has proven how digitalization can present competitive constraints in a wide ecosystem, including traditional markets and said: 
“Market power on digital platforms, perhaps paradoxically, has become more permanent. In this context, the progress and effects of digitalization cause competition authorities all over the world to take a more cautious attitude. Just as the markets are not perfect, the markets shaped by digitalization can also have certain problems. Technology should not be concentrated at the center but permeate the entire economy and continue to encourage all entrepreneurs, regardless of scale, for better ideas and practices in order to improve our lives further. The continuousness of the race depends on the timely solution of these problems. Otherwise; it will cause undesirable results for all stakeholders such as market disruptions, transaction costs and high rents that are socially harmful."
President Küle closed his speech by saying “Authorities all over the world today should and can do more for better societies. The social costs of failing to do more have also multiplied compared to the past. For this reason, I would like to thank all of you once again on behalf of my Authority for your contributions with your ideas and arguments for better rules and practices”.
After the speech of the President of the Competition Authority, Birol Küle, the professional personnel of the Supervision and Enforcement Department I shared the preliminary report of the e-marketplace sector inquiry with the participants. 
After the presentation, sector representatives commented about the problems they encountered, suggestions for solution and the e-marketplace sector inquiry preliminary report. 

Beside the President of the Competition Authority Birol Küle, Deputy Chairman Arslan Narin, Competition Board Member Hasan Hüseyin Ünlü, Vice Presidents of the Authority, Heads of Departments, professional personnel and many sector representatives participated in the workshop.