Duties and Powers of the Competition Board

Powers and Duties of the Board are as follows: 

  • Conducting examinations, inquiries and investigations, on request or on its own initiative, concerning the practices and legal transactions prohibited in this Act; in case a violation of the provisions of this Act is established, taking necessary measures to terminate such violations and imposing administrative fines on those responsible,
  • Assessing exemption and negative clearance requests of those concerned, granting certificates of exemption and negative clearance to suitable agreements,
  • Constantly monitoring the markets related to the exemption decisions taken and negative clearance certificates issued in order to re-evaluate the applications of those concerned in case a change in these markets or the status of the parties is identified,
  • Authorizing mergers and acquisitions,
  • Appointing the Vice-Presidents and the Chief Legal Advisor on the proposal of the President,
  • Issuing communiqués and preparing necessary regulations related to the implementation of this Act,
  • Rendering opinions, directly or on the request of the Ministry, concerning the amendments to be made in the legislation related to competition law,
  • Monitoring the legislations, practices, policies and measures of other countries related to anti-competitive agreements and decisions,
  • Establishing the personnel policies of the Authority, monitoring the implementation thereof, conducting appointment transactions of the personnel, approving the annual budget, income-expenditure final accounts and annual work programs prepared by the Presidency, taking decisions to make transfers among the accounts in the budget if necessary,
  • Preparing an annual report on its work and on the status and developments in those areas related to its duties,
  • Discussing and deciding on proposals concerning purchases, sales and leases including the purchase of movable and immovable properties and fixtures; preparing the necessary regulations on the subject,
  • Making decisions concerning all kinds of transactions concerning debits, rights and credits of the Board in relation to third parties,
  • Carrying out other duties entrusted by the Act.