Our Mission-Vision

Our mission as the Competition Authority is to prevent cartelization and monopolization, increase consumer welfare, contribute to the well-functioning of market mechanism, contribute to the improvement of international competition power and to ensure that investment environment functions in a healthy way by decreasing entry barriers.

In line with this mission, the Competition Authority has the following purposes:

  • To monitor, regulate and supervise markets to prevent agreements restricting competition, abuse of dominant position as well as mergers and acquisitions that will significantly decrease competition, 
  • To promote competition culture and making necessary disposals to ensure that public decisions and actions are made according to competitive understanding, 
  • To make researches related to competition law, economy and policy, to develop policies and to contribute to macroeconomic policies with respect to competition law.

Our vision is to be an institution which supports sustainable growth and development; takes innovation, variety, productivity and quality to the highest level; promotes widespread competition culture; establishes a well-functioning competitive environment; makes intellectual, economic and administrative contributions and is effective in international platforms.