Appointment of Board Members

The constitution of the Competition Board as well as the appointment conditions and terms of office for its members are clearly defined in the Competition Act and the Presidential Decree no 3.

Competition Board is the decision-making body of the Authority and consists of seven members, appointed by the President including a Chairman and a Deputy Chairman.

The Board members are appointed among those who have completed at least four years of higher education and have worked for at least five years in the public sector and/or in international organizations and the private sector or freelance on condition that they have worked subject to social security institutions and who meet the criteria specified in sub-paragraphs 1, 4, 5, 6 and 7 of article 48 (A) of the Civil Servants Law no 657.

Terms of office for the Chairman, Deputy Chairman and members of the Board are four years. Chairman of the Board or Board members may not be removed from office for any reason before the terms of office have expired. However, Chairman of the Board or Board members may be relieved of their duties in case they are found, by a Board decision, to no longer have the qualifications necessary for appointment or to be in violation of article 25 of the Act no 4054, or in case they are found guilty, by a court decision, of committing a crime related to the duties entrusted by the Act.