Sector Inquiry Concerning Mobile Ecosystems Initiated (12.4.2023) (13.4.2023)

A sector inquiry has been initiated into mobile ecosystems, which constitute an important component of digital economy.


Today, the first thing coming to mind about internet access, mobile smart devices, play an important role in human life by enabling access to a wide range of products, contents and services. Therefore, the functioning of the mobile ecosystem where mobile smart devices are the main element may directly affect consumer welfare.


Each component of the mobile ecosystem such as operating systems, applications, application stores, etc. is closely related to each other and from competition law perspective, this may rise competitive concerns. Players having market power due to big data advantage and network effects perform their activities in many downstream markets in mobile ecosystems simultaneously, which feeds the concerns related to the sector. Such functioning may lead to risks such as exclusionary effects in terms of competing products/services, restriction of consumer choice and negative effects on innovation competition.


Within this framework, understanding (possible) competitive and anticompetitive effects created by mobile ecosystems and forming effective policies based on those is an important step for the existence of a competitive market environment in digital economy. Mobile Ecosystems Sector Inquiry has been initiated to pioneer this step.


Mobile Ecosystems Sector Inquiry intends to refer to the knowledge of service providers as well as application developers, final consumers and device manufacturers who are the users of services in order to ensure maximum participation and data depth. The goal is to draw a comprehensive picture of the sector with those data by focusing on competitiveness and to identify the necessary steps to be taken in competition law and regulation areas for ensuring efficient and competitive functioning.


Respectfully submitted for the information of the public.