The Board Decision concerning the need for an interim measure about DSM Grup Danışmanlık İletişim ve Satış Ticaret AŞ (Trendyol)  (22.6.2022)

As a result of the discussion of the contents of the file on 30.09.2021,  the Competition Board decided that interim measures should be taken as per Article 9.4 of the Act no 4054, in order to prevent the creation of hard or impossible to recover harm until the final decision, resulting from Trendyol’s practices and behavior which involve (i) interfering with the algorithm to advantage the products it offers for sale in its retailer role and providing the “next-day delivery” service only for its own products; (ii) using the data of the other sellers on the platform in creating its marketing/design strategy so as to advantage its retail activities, and (iii) discriminating between the sellers on the marketplace through its interference with the algorithm as well as its lack of transparency concerning sponsored products.

Click here for the text of the decision dated 30.09.2021 and numbered 21-46/669-334.