"The Competition Board launched an investigation against Facebook and WhatsApp and stopped the data sharing obligation imposed by Facebook to WhatsApp users (11.01.2021) (4.7.2022)

With the decision of the Board dated 11.01.2021 and numbered 21-02/25-M, an investigation has been launched against Facebook Inc., Facebook Ireland Ltd., WhatsApp Inc. ve WhatsApp LLC  (collectively referred to as "Facebook") ex officio, regarding the data sharing obligation imposed on WhatsApp users to determine whether there has been a violation of Article 6 of the Law on the Protection of Competition No. 4054.
Furthermore, since the said Facebook’s practices are likely to cause serious and irreparable damages until the final decision is taken by the Board, pursuant to the fourth paragraph of Article 9 of the Act no 4054, it has been decided to take an interim measure stating that Facebook shall end the terms imposed to use WhatsApp users' data for other services starting from February 8, 2021 in Türkiye and notify all users who have accepted or have not accepted these terms that Facebook has ended the new terms and conditions involving mandatory data sharing until the said date.
Click here for the text of the decision dated 11.01.2021 and numbered 21-02/25-10”