Faik Metin TİRYAKİ

Dr. Faik Metin TİRYAKİ

Vice President


Dr. Faik Metin TİRYAKİ graduated from the Ankara University Faculty of Law in 2001. He has a master’s degree from the Civil Law Department of the same university. He completed his doctorate studies at the Civil Law Department of the Ankara University, with a thesis titled “Securitization of Credit Receivables Collateralized by Mortgage”.

Following his law internship, he worked as a lawyer for a short time, following which he took office as an Assistant Expert Lawyer at the Capital Markets Board, where he served as Assistant Expert Lawyer, Expert Lawyer, Chief Expert Lawyer and Assistant Department Head at the Supervision Department. He was appointed as the Head of the Capital Markets Board’s Legal Consultancy Department in November 2018.  Between 2014 and 2019, he represented the Capital Markets Board in the IOSCO C4&SG committee, which is responsible for supervision.

On 18.02.2020 he was appointed as the Vice-President of the Competition Authority.

Faik Metin TİRYAKİ is married with two children, and he is fluent in English.