Member of the Competition Board


Born in 1969 in Ünye, Şükran KODALAK graduated from Ondokuzmayıs University Medical School’s Medical Vocational High School in 1986, and from the Ankara University School of Law in 1991.

Between 1986-1991 and 2002-2006, she worked as a nurse at the Gazi Üniversity and in the Ministry of Health in various provinces. In 2006 she won the Change of Title examination of the Ministry of Health and assigned to the lawyer staff, following which she was transferred to the Ministry Central Legal Counsellor’s Office. She was appointed to the position of Legal Counsellor in May 2011 and to the position of Ministry Counsellor in 2012 where she conducted the follow-up and coordination of the procedures related to the lawsuits filed against the Ministry. She became the Head of Department in August 2016.

She was selected as a member to the Competition Board with the Cabinet Decree numbered 2016/9261, which was published in the Official Gazette dated 04.10.2016.

Şükran KODALAK is married and has two children.